Skimmer Package

SKIMMER KORO-16  (skimmer KORO-16+ «baseEXP-16»+Pinpad) Price: $ 4800,-

Skimmer Koro-16 
This is possible thanks to extremely small size of the skimmer, as well as to the newest technologies (new solutions for Bluetooth transmission were used in the product, as well as the newest technology for reading the electromagnetic track by means of the infra-red rays together with reader head of Blu-ray Magnet ( BDM ) standard. The software for the equipment enables double-direction Magnetic strip-reading; reading goes on at delay, stop and interruption of the credit card ; therefore, the reading percent is 100%.

Thanks to the extremely small size skimmer can work with any ATM models, as well as with any other devices, that support Magnetic strip ( post terminals!...)

The installation process is quite simple; one side of the KORO-16 is equipped with a glue pad, which enables to attach the device to the skimmer receiver. It is equally easy to demount the device to recharge its battery. ! 

The KORO-16 device is automatically  "always on” mode!  You only need to recharge it (charger included).


BaseEXP-16 receives Bluetooth-signal from skimmer KORO-16, then processes the signal and sends SMS with TRACK 1 + TRACK2 and PIN ( from pinpad) -information to your cell phone (any number of any cell phone operator). SMS contains ciphered text (chaotic letters and numbers) which you can decipher with the help of our software (the application "CODE-16" is easy to install on Windows XP and Vista) at home on the computer. This was done for your convenience, e.g. your employee works with the device anywhere on the Earth but only you can decipher the SMS with the help of our software. This helps to exclude information theft and allows avoiding unpleasant talks with your employee ;-) Battery charging time is 30+ hours (charger included).

"The price would be $ 4000 for each additional package"
The Koro-16 hasn't been created by our own team but duplicated by us at a cheaper price!! but don't worry, the quality is the same (each product is tested before delivery)

SKIMMERS of the following list 
(skimmer + Pinpad)                                

GSM model                                 Price : $ 3900                                                                                                                   USB model                                 Price : $ 2100

MODELS  non listed    Price: On quote

Diebold Opteva
NCR series M
Wincor Nixdorf 2050/2150

Our GSM models use the core of a nokia 7390 to send sms
USB model contain 1gb flash memory and a mini  sd card of 1 GB

For the models that aren't listed above, you have to  provide us the exact reference of the ATM or a large picture!! (it would usually take between 4 and 7 days to build them) 
"The price would be $ 3000 and $ 1400 for each additional package"

For every package you will get a dvd with the full details of installation described with some pictures in a serie of PDF files.

All the skimmers we provide are verified and tested before delivery.

These products are intended only for legal use (
information and educational purposes only). Please check you local laws before using.